Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Too many projects to blog!

Hi Strangers! Happy New Year. It's been tooooooo long again since I blogged, but I have had too much going on to even have time to stamp, let alone take a photo, then upload it to the blog. BUT, I have something to share today!

I've been working on a 1st Birthday scrapbook for my nephew Will. His first birthday was Dec. 23, 2009 - and naturally my scrapbook is just getting done now. Eek! I consider it a 13-month present for him, rather than sticking to the traditional 12-month/1-year present. :) At least he's only 1 year old and won't know the difference if my present is late.... a year or two from now, he'll surely know when he doesn't get a present on time! Whew! :)

I have been using My Digital Studio for the scrapbook, and I've learned a lot about the program in the meantime! It's basically user-friendly and has lots of great options. I love that everything coordinates (in true Stampin' Up! fashion) and the Digital Kits are really the best. Once I figured those out, the pages came together quite nicely. MDS comes with some predesigned layouts... I opted for making my own -- most of which I copied out of the Stampin' Up! catalog or Stampin' Success magazines. I've never scrapbooked before, so coming up with original designs is tricky for me.

Anyway, here's my favorite 2-page spread. Isn't Will a cutie????

I am about to send this off to the printer, so hopefully time will free up for me to do some actual stamping!

Thanks for looking!


  1. What a fantastic present! And with it being a 13 month present, you could include his birthday pictures in the album. You have to get the whole year, after all! ;)

  2. Hellooooooo, girlfriend!!! We have been missing you! And now, look at these lovely layouts! Show us more!!!

  3. Will's mom excited at these sneak peeks! We are so grateful to you for doing this! Words can't express!


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