Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Twin Cities 10-Mile

I did it!! On Sunday, Oct. 4 I ran the Twin Cities 10-Mile Race! What a life accomplishment for me. I felt great the whole race, walked only through 2 or 3 of the water stops, and even picked up the pace a bit at the end. I finished in 1:43:15 (yes, on HOUR, 43 minutes of running!) I really wanted to finish in 1:40:00, but I had to drink some water along the way - so I guess my time if fine. My next one will be better!!

My family from all across the country came to cheer me on - Aunt Dee from South Dakota, Aunt Jean from Pittsburgh, and Aunt Donna from Atlanta all crashed on couches and spare bedrooms at the house to be part of the event. I can't thank them enough!! And of course, my husband Aaron. What a guy! The best parts of the race for me where running by and seeing him waving to me from the sidewalk. He's the best!!!!

I learned some things from running a distance race. Such as:
  1. I can set a goal, and make it!
  2. Having a group to support you makes all the difference.
  3. Training pays off!
  4. Running with a friend is the key to not getting bored.
And most important..... 5. I like running! And I'm actually good at it (for me, anyway!)

Between my husband and my aunts, I have a ton of great photos of the day to remember it by. I recently received my copy of My Digital Studio and had to use it to create a fun scrapbook page to remember my big day. Here's what I came up with:

It uses Enjoy Every Moment and Define Your Life ("Journey"). I think both these sentiments are fitting for the day! I love the simple Rich Razzleberry background and Old Olive accents. I only made one page, but maybe I'll continue and make an entire book of the event.

Thanks to everyone who supported me in training (especially Aaron!) and for those non-runners for putting up with running posts here. :)

Now - to think of a new goal. Maybe a 1/2 Marathon....? :)

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  1. Congratulations, Tracy! We in Kansas were cheering you from afar. :)


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