Monday, November 17, 2008

Christmas card class = success!

My first class turned out to be a tremendous success! I had 2 sessions... one Friday night with 4 people and one Saturday morning with 10 people. I found it much easier to manage the group of 4 than the group of 10.... which is true when I'm teaching, too. It's easier to manage 20 kids than 30 kids. :) But I think both groups were extremely productive (some people even finished all 30 cards in 2 1/2 hours or so!) and the creative juices were just flowing in my house! I love how many of the ladies took my sample designs and created something of their own. The best part of the class was showing off my new blender pens, letting guests use them, and seeing how excited they were about them! I sold one set immediately that night, and I'd be betting many of the ladies buy a set in the next month or so (some are thinking about orders to place soon, probably including blender pens!)

I got 2 bookings from the class, which I'm so excited about. They aren't until the new year, but that's expected this time of year. One wants to do a class/workshop at her house... where it's set up like I did my class in my home. People order the set ahead of time, the hostess gets the paper needed, then I come over and teach them how to make cards. Sounds way fun to me! They want to use Pun Fun, which is one of my favorite sets. So, I will post about that workshop/class when I know more.

I was so excited to get to meet new people, too! Two of the ladies on Friday night were brand-new friends to me! I had never met them before! I placed a classified ad in the neighborhood newspaper & they found me there. Great future customers, too. One placed an online order the very next day! And the other bought a catalog that night.

Anyway, I made the cutest doorprize for the Saturday event. It's a little spice jar from Ikea (4 for $2.99). I cut out a circle of Holiday Treasures DSP and affixed it on the lid, then stamped in Ruby Red one of the cute stamps in Deer Friends & punched out with 1 1/2" circle. Since I don't have a bigger cirlce punch, I had to improvise and do two 1 1/2" cirlces with the back of the Holiday Treasures paper to make a mat. Along the edge of the lid I put Holiday Treasures paper & Chocolate Chip 1/4" ribbon. Filled it with Kisses & cute!! The picture is so dark, sorry. I was ready to give it away when I realized I needed a picture! So, I didn't think about how to get the BEST picture. :)

I have more to post about the weekend, but I think I'll do a separate post, as to keep posts from becoming novels. :)

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  1. Congrats on your class! Thank you for the award too!


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